Pierre de Sceau “Cylindre”

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Couleur: gris vert

(La couleur de toutes les pierres de chez inkston est naturelle et non modifiée par des produits chimiques, par conséquent, la couleur de chaque pierre est généralement légèrement différente l’une de l’autre.)


2,5 * 2,5 * 6 cm

(Note spéciale: pour les débutants, veuillez choisir une taille entre 2 * 2 cm et 3 * 3 cm, c’est la taille la plus facile à contrôler pour les débutants.)

Forme: cylindre

Cette pierre de phoque est originaire de la région de Mongolie. C’est un type de pierre de Balin (巴林印石). Il est lisse et adapté à différents niveaux. Pour les débutants, cette pierre a une dureté parfaite pour ne pas nécessiter d’effort supplémentaire ou d’entraînement spécial pour sculpter des détails compliqués. Pour les niveaux plus élevés tels que le niveau intermédiaire à avancé, cette pierre permet différents styles de mots de sculpture. En même temps, par rapport aux pierres naturelles précieuses, cette pierre spécialement sélectionnée a un parfait rapport qualité-prix.

Ceci est une fourniture spéciale du studio Inkston.




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Livraison Standard
Standard small packet item
Taille du produit 2.5 × 2.5 × 6 cm
Poids du produit 80
SKU 2560y
UPC 601285838458

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  • 罗雁 LuoYan
    Note 5 sur 5

    Based on my satisfaction with the first seal I ordered from Inkston, I ordered two more. These three seals have already become an important addition to my artwork.

    Inkston took the time to consider what I was looking for and then made suggestions based on their knowledge and experience in seal carving. Their expertise was an indispensable part of my selection of the design of the seals. Of course, the expertise extends to their seal carvers. If you want to see their work, you should go to the Inkston web site and look under “Personal Seals”. There you will find many examples of the work of Jin Shen and Bu A Weng.

    If you are looking for company that will create a seal that has both meaning and is artistically and aesthetically pleasing then you should consider Inkston.

  • Note 5 sur 5

    When I spoke to Inkston about creating a seal that would express a particular philosophical idea that I could use on my paintings, they assisted in the creation of a unique piece of art. The seal was carved by Jin Shen, a national award winner for seal carving and design.

    After exchanging a series of emails concerning design and content, we settled on a seal that suggests the essence of the Diamond Sutra. Without the expert advice of Jin Shen this would never have been possible!

    I would like to thank Inkston for their expertise in the fulfillment of this order.

    If you are interested in a seal that will be created and carved by an expert craftsman, then I suggest you purchase from Inkston.

  • Note 5 sur 5

    It is really adorable! The stone and carving are both very nice!

  • Note 3 sur 5

    The stone is pretty, but I found the material not so easy under the knife. The texture of my « Peach Blossom » is grainy, brittle, and prone to chipping, quite unlike the « Grace » stones. I would not recommend this type of stone for detailed carving. As expected of natural stones, the piece you receive may or may not be as homogeneous as the one pictured. Mine is much more pale with a splash of darker pink running through the stone.

    • 罗雁 LuoYan

      Dear multapaakku,

      Thank you very much for your very helpful feedback! We have recently been going through the ‘Peach Blossom’ stones. And we found you are right – not all the peach stones are perfect. We found around 20% stones are not good. And these 20% stones are exactly like what you have described in your feedback. We are very sorry for this really high defect rate. Therefore, we have abandoned all of these unsuitable ones. At the same time, we have commissioned the mine to cut more peach stones with better rocks. The latest peach stones are checked more carefully and we are satisfied that the problem is finally avoided. We are very sorry that this took us several months to sort out. Please Kindly leave us a message when you plan to make any order with us in future, we will include a new peach stone in your parcel for you.

      Thank you very much again for helping us keep product quality standard high!

      best regards,
      Inkston Customer Helper

  • Note 5 sur 5

    Attractive, user-friendly seal stones. The stone is smooth, tight, and pleasant to carve. The quality and finish are basic, but better than the practice stones sold in bulk. The stones are also tall enough for their large surface area. For a seal stone that is inexpensive, easy to work on yet nice enough for permanent work, I think they provide good value for money.

  • Nice stones and easy carving. Can’t go wrong for just a buck!

  • Note 5 sur 5

    I bought two of these peach blossom stones and they are beautiful!

  • Note 5 sur 5

    Beautiful and unique. It’s worth every penny. Thanks so much!

  • Note 5 sur 5

    Thanks so much! It is absolutely beautiful!

  • Note 5 sur 5

    Hello 蓓莉 Your seal is ready. 😀 …
    Hier is hij dan mijn eigen chinese naamstempel. Mijn kunstenaars-naam, is 蓓莉 Bei Li, knop van de jasmijn. Deze is bedacht voor mij, door Yan Luo van Inkston. De naamstempel oftewel seal is ontworpen en gesneden door de kunstenaar Jin Shen, in Zhuan Shu 篆书 script. Aan de zijkant staat: 2017’s herfst sneedt Jin Shen deze seal for jou. Nu nog twee weken wachten voordat hij hier is.

  • Note 5 sur 5

    Hola. Ayer recibí un pedido q incluía el sello personalizado. Realmente maravilloso. Excelente ejecución de detalle por parte del Maestro Jin Shen. Entendió perfectamente la idea que le propuse y lo ejecutó en un día. Muy limpio y aunque es de tamaño grande, no resulta pesado a la vista. Muy contento y agradecido a él y a Yan e inkston. Gracias

  • Note 5 sur 5

    So I got this beautiful seal fron INKSTON muchas gracias xiexie with some real nice paper and a book on caligraphy – so, in order to be able to read it, I am now learning chinese

  • Note 5 sur 5

    My new seal ❤️❤️❤️ It’s a real wonder Thanks Inkston for your attention

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