Chinese Professional Painting Set: Gong Bi Hua

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This is a complete set for Chinese detailed brushstroke painting, the style known in Chinese as Gong Bi Hua (工筆画). The set includes all handmade high-end materials from traditional workshops.

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This high-end professional Gong Bi Hua set includes:

  • Xuan Papers: The white Xuan Paper is plated with silver powders and is premier Shu Xuan (also known as “cooked Xuan Paper”). This type of silver decorated Xuan Paper is called “Chan Yi 蝉翼 — cicada wing“ as it is as “thin and strong” as cicada wings.  Besides the Cicada Wing Xuan Paper, in this pack there is also framed Xuan Paper plated with Golden Color. This Golden Xuan Paper is not only beautiful which gives your painting a very fine finish but also durable which allows you to process your painting many time without worrying breaking the thin Xuan paper.
  • Brushes: three handmade brushes made by Master Xu with wolf hair and rabbit hair respectively. The three brushes are designed specially for Gong Bi Hua.
  • Ink Stone: hand made by the most prestigious ink factory in China, Old Hu Kai Wen. It is made with She stone.
  • Ink Sticks: there is one set of colorful ink sticks which are extracted from rocks. Besides, there is also one black Pine Oil ink stick which is suitable for both writing and painting.

We are also producing an economical set for beginners, coming soon.

Please click to read more about Chinese Detailed Painting, Gong Bi Hua

For any inquiry you many have regarding Chinese painting and calligraphy, please feel free to contact us, we will be delighted to hear from you and will come back to you shortly.

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