Qiang Handmade Decorative Embroidery

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Handmade Qiang embroidery from Qiang mountain village in Sichuan.

This style of decorative embroidery evolved from the traditional dress apron, of the Qiang people. This piece adheres to the purest Qiang designs. It is made by a Qiang lady who is over 85 years old and has been making Qiang embroidery for over 70 years. It is indeed a master piece and makes a beautiful wall-hanging decoration as well as a fine example of traditional dress.

Please note it takes 4 months to finish a piece like this since all the stitching is done by hand.

Size: length: 80 cm, width: 70 cm

Please do see the story of the Qiang people and the story of the Qiang embroidery to understand more about these remote mountain people.

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SKU ink-HEQ-2262

For more information see the story of the Qiang people

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