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十二月令图轴 12 Months in Paintings

This set of painting shows Chinese life in 12 months. These paintings show very clearly the architecture details, normal people’s daily activities. There is no theme of each painting. However wherever you look at the painting, it seems that special spot is the theme of the whole painting. Currently this set of paintings are in the collection of the Taipei National Palace Museum. The painting is done on silk. Although no author is recorded, it is widely believed that they are done by Tang Dai, Ding Guan Peng, and several other people collectively from Qing Dynasty.


12 Months Ling Tu Zhou 175 by 97 cm Taipei National Palace Museum


  • January

    January is Chinese traditional lantern festival. On this day, the whole family will gather together to celebrate the happiness. The traditional activities on this day includes enjoy the lantern lights, guess lantern riddles, and eat Tang-yuan.


January Lantern Festival 12 Months Ling Tu Zhou 175 by 97 cm Taipei National Palace Museum


  • February

February is the beginning of spring. It is very popular to enjoy spring blossoms.


  • March

March has pleasing weather and is perfect time for countryside trips.


  • April


  • May

Dragon Boat Festival is widely celebrated in China in memory of the great poet and politician Qu Yuan. On this day, people eat Zong Zi and decorate boat in dragon design and do boat racing.


  • June

June is early summer and also the harvest for lotus roots.


  • July

Chinese Valentine’s day is in July. This day is in memory of the lover of the cowherd and weaver girl who were separated deliberately by the Goddess because the love between god and normal human beings is forbidden.


  • August

Mid Autumn festival is in August and is the day for family reunion. The whole family shall have dinner together, eat moon cakes and enjoy the full moon.


  • September

Double Ninth Festival is celebrated because it is the day to remind people of the importance of respecting old people. On this day, people are gathered together with their own families.


  • November


  • December

Winter comes in December. The following paintings showed different typical activities people do in winter. These activities include hunting, making snowman, skiing etc.


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