Painting Guide for Gongbi Style

Since our first article How to Paint Gongbi Style: Lotus Out of Water, we have received quite a few queries on Gongbi painting. These queries…

How to paint Gongbi style: Lotus Out of Water

A practical example of how to do a Gongbi style chinese detail painting using a famous lotus flower painting as an example.

Huang Guohong 黄国鸿 – Chinese GongBi Detail Painting

Huang Guohong (黄国鸿), GongBi painter from Shexian, Huizhou, near Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in Anhui tells us about Chinese GongBi detail Painting.

Song Dynasty Gongbi Painting and Sketches

A selection of Song dynasty Gongbi detail paintings with accompanying sketches to help do you paint as described in "How to Paint Gongbihua"

Gongbi Painting Practice Book – Flower and Bird Paintings

This is a very helpful set of famous Chinese ancient flower and bird Gongbi paintings. The detailed sketch is already printed on cooked Gongbi Xuan… $5.50 (USD)

于非闇 Yu Fei An Flowers and Birds Gongbi Painting Album

A very detailed book to help all levels Gongbi painting students/ professionals learn 于非闇 Yu Fei An's techniques on dealing with birds and flowers in Gongbi$16.50 (USD)

Gongbi Painting Practice Book – Beijing Opera Face

This is a very helpful set of famous Chinese Beijing Opera Faces. The detailed sketch is already printed on cooked Gongbi Xuan papers. One set… $5.50 (USD)

Inkston Gongbi Detail LangHao Wolf Brush Set

This is a set of very classic and versatile Gongbi painting brushes. These fine brushes are made with pure weasel hair. They are designed especially… $33.00 (USD)

INKSTON Extra Thin Gongbi Plus, Sized Xuan Paper * Cicada Wing

Compared with standard Gongbi Sized Xuan Paper, this paper is much thinner. It is also referred to as 'wing of cicada' (蝉翼)because it is thin and… $28.16$169.40

Gongbi Flower Painting Guide 1

A very detailed book to help you paint flowers with Gongbi style. The book has very good sketches on different types of flowers. You can… $7.59 (USD)

INKSTON Gongbi Plus, Sized Xuan Paper

Sized papers with added Mica to create the Shimmer effect, made with alpine rushes, deliberately less absorbent than unsized raw Xuan tree bark paper to… $27.39$137.50

Beginners GongBi Painting Guide: Grass and Insects

A very detailed book to help beginners learn how to paint grass and insects for Gongbi paintings. It is a book full of easy-to-understand techniques.… $9.79 (USD)