Inkston 0503M 貂毫长锋 Diao Hao Long Pointed Marten Brush

Shaft: wood Brush Hair Type: 100% marten Hair. Size of Hair: 7 * 47 mm Size of Brush: 30.5 * 1 * 1 cm Suitable for:… $24.22 (USD)

Red Star 极品石獾长锋 Extra Fine Shi Huan “Stone Badger” Long Pointed Brush

$32.87 (USD)

Red Star 鼠须长锋 “Mouse beard” Extra Fine Long Pointed Marten Brush

$24.90 (USD)

Brush Buyer Guide

Over 60 brushes including specialist and premium Red Star and a value range from Inkston, all quality handmade Xuan brushes from traditional workshop in Anhui. Special…

Bird painting techniques from Mustard Seed Garden

Part of a series of articles on painting techniques from 'Mustard Seed Garden' manual and encyclopedia of chinese painting. Flower and Bird are always popular…

Painting Guide for Gongbi Style

Since our first article How to Paint Gongbi Style: Lotus Out of Water, we have received quite a few queries on Gongbi painting. These queries…

INKSTON Perfect 70 Xuan Paper

INKSTON Perfect 70 Xuan Paper contains 70% very fine Pteroceltis Tatarinowii tree bark, it is untreated/unsized (raw/uncooked in Chinese) and is suitable for both painting and… $36.84$252.83

Mounting Materials and Tools

This is a short guide to tools and materials for traditional wet mounting, to see the full process in action try this video from the…

Mounting Wool Brush

This is a special wide wool brush made from 24 long-pointed wool brushes and used to apply mounting glue. It has very thick fine wool.… $29.14$35.03

Flower Heads – painting techniques from Mustard Seed Garden

Cover Photo: peach blossom and willow branches 桃花柳枝, by Yun ShouPing. Check Ancient Chinese Flower Paintings by Yun Shou Ping 恽寿平 for more of his…