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大好山水 Shanshui Grand Paysage Bâton d’Encre

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Décoré avec peinture de paysage et poète de Chine Antigua.

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Les encres de qualité les plus célèbres en Chine – en savoir plus


Encre avec térébenthine est une encre de fumée de l’huile qui est très noire et brillante en raison de la térébenthine ajoutée. Cette méthode a commencé dans Song Dynasty en utilisant de la térébenthine pure à partir de résine d’arbre.

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Taille du produit 9.8 × 2.8 × 1 cm
Poids du produit 32.2
Dimensions 11 × 3.5 × 2 cm
Poids 50 g
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asin B01N9B2TTF
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Discussions récentes dans:超漆烟 Noir Brillant (térébenthine)

  • Encre de belle qualité, agréable à travailler. Elle dégage également une odeur agréable.

  • I use this for my landscapes. Beautiful range of light/dark possible. Wonderful light fragrance and easy to grind. Consider adding this to your collection Thank you, Inkston!

  • The ink stick was gorgeous. I was actually scared to even use it haha. My ink stone is a little small so producing ink was a little challenging but after a while, the quality of the ink is wonderful! Very smooth and strong!

  • très belle qualité
    Encre dense, très fine. Se dilue lentement sur la pierre. Une alternative intéressante aux huiles de Colza ou d’aleurite. A essayer

  • Excelent quality, Supurb service!

    An intense ink of wonderful quality. Very nuanced tones. Inkston is a great company and they are very easy to work with. They are highly recommended. Their papers samples are outstanding in quality.

  • Tiene un aroma muy agradable, es de muy buena calidad y similar a la barra de tinta Tang Mo, incluso me atrevería a decir que de una calidad superior a pesar de que el precio es inferior.

  • Top Qualität Verified Purchase
    Sehr Sehr ergiebige Tusche. Man sieht nach dem Reiben der Tusche nur sehr wenig Abnutzung des Tuschesteins. Alles schön verpackt.

  • me encanta.

  • 水月双梦 Water Dreams Turpentine Soot Black Inkstick.
    A very nice decorated inkstick, with one side all covered with a beautiful calligraphy.
    Luo Yan from Inkston was so kind to translate the inscription for me.
    It refers to someone who is living by the river.
    He neither cares if he has many friends nor cares how other people judge him.
    He doesn’t want to spoil his taste by making friends with low-hearted people.
    He only enjoys best cultured things in life and hopes after 48000 years when people talk about him, they would say he was a noble man.
    The inkstick gives a deep black hue, it takes a while to grind because the consistency of the inkstick is as hard as jade!
    This is a nice opportunity to ponder on the subject and to bring yourself in a state of calm alertness.
    The wonderful delicate, warm greyish-brown midtones are my favourite!
    Surely a fine quality inkstick!

  • An imperial ink
    An imperial ink with a great variety of uses. Thin, it makes a range of grays. Thick, an intense black.

  • Mark K.
    Top Qualität
    Duftet am Anfang leicht nach Erde. Wenn sich das etwas gelegt hat riecht es fast wie Parfum. Auch die Farbe und Konsistenz sind super. Gerne wieder.

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