Pâte pour Sceau (bleu)

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L’atelier de Jiang SiXu est l’atelier de couleur minérale naturelle le plus prestigieux en Chine et une « marque honorée » de la Chine fournissant les couleurs minérales chinoises de qualité supérieure pour les professionnels depuis plus de 350 ans.

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Discussions récentes dans:Encre du Sceau

  • I was so happy to find black and white seal paste somewhere, and the service INKSTONE offered was extraordinary!
    I had a mistake in my address and so the package was delivered to a wrong country. The mistake was totally my fault, but INKSTON was extremely helpful from the beginning and tried everything to get the package to the right address.
    Extremly friendly and helpful! I wish every Shopowner would be like that! Thanks a lot!!

  • Une très belle couleur!

  • The size could be a bit bigger to handle the paste and fit my seal but I love the color ! And it comes in a nice box , very elegant 🙂

  • An unassuming yet elegant little box that will house a small package of seal paste all right. Great for the low price. Personally, I would prefer it a little bigger so it would be more comfortable to handle the paste, but even this size works.

  • A red earth colour (think Indian red, not orange) that gives a subdued effect. Notice that this is a 30g package in spite of the product image.

  • I tried mixing the red and blue paste to make purple, but it was far too dark without the addition of white paste as well. Minor fail on my part. It seems to me that non-traditional users like me might want more colors than are traditionally available. Just a thought.

  • I am now using the green seal paste and will for prints in which it offers a good contrasting color. I have a very small chop (平) I use to mark my prints and this green is nice at times, when more red would be too much.

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