Natural Beige Cloud Dragon Mulberry Paper


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This is fine 32.6 gsm paper, in 70 * 138 cm.

It is suitable for calligraphy, small scale Xie Yi style painting. The paper itself is raw paper but it shows effects of ‘half-cooked’ Xuan paper. The paper edge is not trimmed.

Available in pack sizes:

  • 10 sheets (0.3kg net weight)
  • 25 sheets half-width 34.5 * 130 cm (0.37kg net weight)
  • 25 sheets (0.74kg net weight)
  • 50 sheets (1.49kg net weight)
  • 100 sheets (3kg net weight)
Paper packs

25 Sheet Roll of half-width sheets – standard parcel shipping
25 Sheet Roll of large size – 1kg approx. shipping weight
10 Sheets in decorative cylindrical tube 1kg approx. shipping weight
50 Sheet "half-pack" 2kg approx. shipping weight
100 Sheet pack 4kg approx shipping weight




bark of Paper Mulberry tree (Broussonetia papyrifera) used to make mulberry paper such as 温州皮纸 WenZhou Pi paper, known in Sumi-e as Washi.

青檀 Qīng tán is the Pteroceltis tatarinowii tree native to the Xuan town / Jing county area, also known in English as Wingceltis or Blue Sandalwood.
Qing Tan bark is the main ingredient for Xuan paper, the wood makes good timber, and the berries and oil are used in the making of ink.

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Paper size

138cm x 70cm (54.3×27.5inches, approx 1㎡, 1 sheet equivalent to 15 sheets A4 paper).  
[Red Star versions are labelled 138x69cm.]

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SKU ink-5e-25824

Specially handmade paper with traditional recipes from Song Dynasty. It is very similar to Japanese washi paper. It is raw paper but it is very easy to control. It contains very high percentage of mulberry fibre.

The paper’s colour is beige and not modified. On the paper, you can see fine fibres.

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