Inkston 0901WsWl 古法大白云 GuFa Da BaiYun “Traditional White Cloud Large” 兼毫 Jian Hao Combination Brush

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Special Feature: 60 – 65% weasel hair, 35 – 40% wool. The inside part is weasel hair; the outside part is wool.




Combination of a core (60-65%) of stiffer weasel hair and the outer layer (35-40%) is of the soft absorbent goat hair. Designed to combine combines the stiffness of 狼毫 Lang Hao Wolf brush (Weasel hair) and the softness and absorbency of the 羊毫 Yang Hao Wool brush (Goat hair).


Products packaged in silk sleeves

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写意 XieYi, literally “draw meaning” also known as “enjoyable style” is a freehand impressionistic style able to create an impression from few strokes, the opposite of GongBi detail painting.

Brush Hair Size

4 * 0.9 cm

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Product Size 28 × 1.1 × 1.1 cm
Product Weight 22.3
Shipping size 35 × 3 × 3 cm
Shipping weight 50 g
SKU ink-0901WsWl-6380
asin B01N2QKCX4
asinusa B01N2QKCX4
UPC 601285836119

Handmade Xuan brush from traditional workshop in Anhui – see our Xuan brush article and our brush buyers guide.
Ideally use with Xuan Papers and Old Hu Kai Wen inksticks.

Brush rests sold separately – see art Accessories shop

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5 reviews for Inkston 0901WsWl 古法大白云 GuFa Da BaiYun “Traditional White Cloud Large” 兼毫 Jian Hao Combination Brush

  1. I ordered this one along with the medium and small version. It works as intended, the brushes hold their water and keep their tip with a spring. It is also flexible and distributes colors well.

  2. Like the brush, thank you!

  3. I love you

  4. I totally recommend this shop, great customer service, wonderful products, I bought many brushes and they are all great. But this one in particular was not exactly my favorite. I´m not an expert, but I find it too soft, as it is a combination brush I expected something different. After making preasure with the tip it doesn´t spring back and stays bended, not was i was looking for, but it can be useful for other things 🙂

  5. One of my favorite two brushes , it absorbs a lot of liquid and has a nice flow when painting. In combination with the redstar prunedot and the Inkston 0903Ws 花枝俏 “Flower Brush” Extra Fine Detail LangHao Wolf brush , you will have a good set of brushes to start off with! The size is also very versatile making it ideal for beginners.

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