Red Star 七紫三羊 Lux Zi Hao “7 Rabbit 3 Goat” Brush

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This brush is a combination of 70% rabbit hair and 30% goat hair, so is more economical than the other rabbit hair brushes.


红星 [Hong Xing] or in English “Red Star” is China’s premium brand from China Hong Xing Xuan Paper Group and uses only the finest grade materials and strict quality control process. This is reflected in the price and quality of their products.


Wool brushes are made from soft absorbent Goat hair and can hold a lot of ink. Premium wool brushes are made from aged hair which has lost fat and become even more absorbent.  A good soft wool brush with a fat head holds a lot of ink, it is easy to use, durable and convenient for painting and calligraphy. It performs very well for painting flowers, leaves, water, animals, etc

Wool brush requires good control of wrist and strength. Therefore, it is more difficult than weasel hair brush for beginners to control.

Zi hao is the most highly valued brush hair, read more about it here.

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写意 XieYi, literally “draw meaning” also known as “enjoyable style” is a freehand impressionistic style able to create an impression from few strokes, the opposite of GongBi detail painting.

see GongBi stories

Brush Hair Size

2.8 * 0.6 cm

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