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Artist of March: Joanna Brown

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Category: Artist, Teacher Country: GB United Kingdom Location: South Shields

My name is Joanna Brown. I do not have a Chinese name.I live and work in South Shields, which is situated on the North East coast of England about 9 miles from the city of Newcastle -upon – Tyne.I prefer to be contacted by email.

Origin Story: I am a self taught Chinese ink painter. I fell in love with the medium a few years ago, after my brother, who lived and worked in China, returned back to England with a precious gift for me: Chinese papers; brushes and inks. From the first moment I painted I was captivated. As I learnt more about the medium, I went on to purchase an inkstone; seal paste and a soap stone, on which I carved my own, unique signature stamp. I love the way Chinese painting evokes emotion, freedom and thought...

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