Miss S. Designer Ceramic Handmade Stud Earrings

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Ceramic Stud Earrings
Designer: Ou Jing
Size: 0.6 cm * 0.6 cm
Weight: 0.8 g
Materials: White China Clay, Gold Powder

Product is well packed in a black velvet jewelry box and a traditional Chinese silk (polyester) jewelry bag.

Shipping: Standard Standard shipping.
SKU ink-ms01-4361
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asinusa B01N01BPGO

Recent discussions in: Ceramics

  • Very beautiful to look at and works well. Way better then dripping water from a wet brush in the inkstone. It’s a bit hard to get the water in, best works to submerge it or fill it at the sink. Just dry it with a paper towel and it’s ready to go!

  • small size, but big on connivence.

  • Thanks soosos much!!

  • Charming ‘Porcelain Water Dropper’ for traditional Asian Scholar’s Desk, well~made, lovely, delightful.

  • Nice little water dropper, helps to regulate the amount of water I’m adding to the ink stone.

  • A brush rest, does what it says on the tin!

  • Absolutely beautiful!!! I wish they were a little bigger but I still am in love with ceramic ink palette.

  • Very nice water dropper.

  • Piccolo e semplice oggetto che nasce per essere di aiuto
    Da tenere sul tavolo con forma e colore della tradizione
    Lo tratterò con cura

  • They arrived in perfect condition and are very lovely, I’ll probably end up ordering by more in the future

  • Me gustan mucho estos platitos apilables. Son de buen tamaño, muy prácticos y útiles. Los recomiendo.

  • Muy util. Precio razonable.

  • Un très joli petit pot à eau. Il est arrivé en parfait état car tout a été fait pour que son emballage soit très protecteur.

    A very great water dropper!

  • I bought 4. I wished I had bought more now that I realize a lot of the prices on the website increased. Exactly what I want and exactly how it appeared in the pictures. Extremely well wrapped.

    • Thanks you very much for your nice feedback! Yes, recently quite a few products’ prices have been increased according to the cost increase. 🙂 This ink plate is one of them. We increased the price by 0.2USD because we have also updated the product quality. The new plate is made with finer clay and is thinner & lighter. 🙂 Photos will be updated soon.

  • An unassuming yet elegant little box that will house a small package of seal paste all right. Great for the low price. Personally, I would prefer it a little bigger so it would be more comfortable to handle the paste, but even this size works.

  • Comme je l ai noté dès l’arrivée. Bien reçu le mortier et le pilon. J’ai pu le tester avec les pigments rouge cinabre reçus le même jour
    Le mortier et le pilon sont vraiment bien conçus avec les fonds râpeux qui permettent un bon broyage. Le bec verseur est très pratique
    Je pense en recommander à l’avenir

  • Reçu ce matin ; très heureuse de la présentation et surtout très efficace pour le broyage des pigments
    Merci pour ce très bel objet très fonctionnel

  • also the set of 5 bowls that stack up is very convenient to work both with watercolors and ink. and it is easy to store and clean.

  • a very beautiful and convenient bowl for both ink and watercolors.
    it is light, and very easy to clean,
    and it was sent with a lot of protection around it so it will not break on the way through international mail.
    this was my first order from Inkston and it was perfect, both the items that arrived, and the free sample paper and the packaging, i definitely going to order again.

  • Encantada con los platos apilables de cerámica. Son muy útiles para dejar hecho los colores y luego rehidratar. Con su tapadera, se conserva todo muy bien y ocupa poco espacio en la mesa. . Muy práctico! Gracias Inkston!

  • Efficient and beautiful water dropper

    This little water dropper is handcrafted in China and works very well to moisten my colors and add to my inkstone. I like the fact that it is made by a craftsman.

  • Me encanta esta flor de ceramica, en ella mezclo los colores, se limpia estupendamente y si los quiero volver a usar, con unas gotitas de agua…perfectos colores!!

  • Happy with this water dropper
    Happy with this water dropper. Control the volume of water that pours by coving hole on top with greater or lesser pressure. Works well for adding water to ink stone and colors.

  • Este juego de platillos de ceramica apilable es una maravillosa idea.
    Útil absolutamente. Tengo en cada uno de ellos tinta de barras de color y negras y con solo añadir una gotita de agua, rehidrato y puedo empezar a trabajar con comodidad, limpieza y rapidez.
    Una excelente idea a un precio muy económico.
    Gracias INKSTON..¡¡

  • Beautiful handmade brush stand with a minimalist style and very reasonable price. The height of the “valleys” allow the brushes to rest at the perfect angle so that they don’t slip out. If you like to stack your brushes in the rest it’s easy enough to do. Two medium sized brushes can fit in one of the valleys, and several small brushes can fit in one of the valleys. Again, beautifully and securely packaged, and it came with a free brush older and sample papers! Thank you Inkston!

  • WOW. I received the first half of my order via Amazon for the Bamboo Brush Holder, last week. It’s beautiful! And it was superbly packaged. The seller communication is excellent as well. I’m so excited to receive the second half of my order. Can’t wait to see what else inkston has in store in the future!

  • Beautiful!
    Beautiful! The packaging was outstanding! The cup is just plain beautiful.

  • I love my lotus leaf water dropper. It is beautifully made and makes me happy using it! Another lovely piece from Inkston and as always fantastic service.

  • What a beautiful set. I purchased these to use as brush rests but at the moment they are on display.. Lovely product and incredible service. The pieces arrived in Australia in perfect condition. Cant recommend enough. Thank you Yan!

  • Absolutely beautiful bowl. The colour is so lovely. My parcel was packaged really well and arrived in perfect condition. Great service and fantastic product!

  • Excellent all around..
    A beautiful Saki cup, can’t decide if I want to display it or drink from it.
    The packaging was very nice as well.

  • Wow! – beautiful little pot which was packed beautifully & safely.
    Absolutely delighted! Very well made ceramic with interesting glazes – clearly made by a very good potter. The packaging was excellent and very secure. The item was supported in foam in a very strong box which was tied with pretty ribbons and diamante clip. Thank you Inkston!

  • I got this beautiful handmade piece for my sister in law, I loved the simple elegance of it, and so did she 🙂

  • I bought this Bamboo water dropper and its a great product. I give it 5 stars.

  • I have a great deal of respect for Yan and Ankl at inkston. Had a small problem with a glitch on the order page, they immediately notified me and fixed my order! Very polite, courteous and super nice. They took responsibility for what, I am sure, was a website software glitch.
    Package arrived today, a week earlier than the soonest estimate.
    My sake cup is beautiful! It is exactly as pictured and feels very solid but sophisticated. Ankl is a true artisan and it gives me joy to own this original piece!
    Even beyond the beauty of the piece, they really go above and beyond to ensure protection of the item during shipping as well as presentation upon opening the package.
    See image below:
    On bottom is the super sturdy air inflated cushion it is wrapped in. Every mm is covered and protected.
    On top is the charming sturdy paper storage box, carefully wrapped in ribbon!
    You could definitely ship this to someone as a gift and know it will arrive secure and beautiful!
    I will definitely buy from Inkston again!
    Thank you Yan and Ankl!


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