Inkston 0100Wl 小鶴颈 XiaoHeJing “Small Crane Neck” 羊毫 Yang Hao Wool brush (Medium)

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Shaft: wood
Hair: 100% wool
Size of Hair: 7 * 32 mm

Size of the Brush: 26.5 * 0.8 * 0.8 cm
Craftsman: Xu Shi Chun
Suitable for: painting and calligraphy,  cursive script, seal script, clerical script,  纂书(Zuan Shu),隶书 (Li Shu),行草 (Xing Cao)
Recommend to: students (beginner, intermediate level)

wool is very absorbent and can hold a lot of liquid. This feature makes this brush perfect for painting flowers, and calligraphy types of cursive script, seal script, clerical script.

product code: 0100Wl
UPC: 601285836072






Wool brushes are made from soft absorbent Goat hair and can hold a lot of ink. Premium wool brushes are made from aged hair which has lost fat and become even more absorbent.  A good soft wool brush with a fat head holds a lot of ink, it is easy to use, durable and convenient for painting and calligraphy. It performs very well for painting flowers, leaves, water, animals, etc

Wool brush requires good control of wrist and strength. Therefore, it is more difficult than weasel hair brush for beginners to control.


Products packaged in silk sleeves

Shipping Free
Small item - no additional shipping charge for this item
Shipping size 26.5 × 3 × 0.1 cm
Shipping weight 50 g
SKU 0100Wl

Handmade Xuan brush from traditional workshop in Anhui – see our Xuan brush article and our brush buyers guide.
Ideally use with Xuan Papers and Old Hu Kai Wen inksticks.
Brush rest not included – sold separately – see art Accessories shop


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3 reviews for Inkston 0100Wl 小鶴颈 XiaoHeJing “Small Crane Neck” 羊毫 Yang Hao Wool brush (Medium)

  1. I found the Small Crane Neck on Amazon USA and purchased it from them. The shipping was fast and free under Amazon Prime. This brush is of excellent quality: the tip point is clean and springy through varying pressures. Some wool brushes I have tried don’t seem to stay unified in quite this way and I am pleased with how this brush works cursive and semi-cursive. Holds a good amount of ink. I am very happy with the Inkston quality. Recommended.

  2. Excellent value.
    This is a goat hair brush that has a wonderful spring to it. I bought it for cursive and it performs flawlessly. Excellent construction. I can move from very thin line to thicker smoothly.

  3. Good flexible calligraphy brush
    This brush has great flexibility, especially for cursive writing. It dances!

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