Red Star 加料冬狼毫小楷 Pro Dong Lang Hao “Winter Wolf” Brush Small

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Brand: Red Star 红星
Shaft: Bamboo from Yunnan Province
Hair: 100% fine selected weasel
Suitable for: professional calligraphy
Recommend to: professional calligrapher, advanced calligraphy student



红星 [Hong Xing] or in English “Red Star” is China’s premium brand from China Hong Xing Xuan Paper Group and uses only the finest grade materials and strict quality control process. This is reflected in the price and quality of their products.


Light & fast growing Bamboo is used as a construction material, as food, to make paper, to make stems for brushes, and as a traditional subject for painting.

“Wolf” brushes use hair from the Chinese “Yellow mouse wolf” 黄鼠狼 – a type of weasel.  Premium Dong Lang Hao “Winter Wolf” brushes use the extra thick hairs produced in the winter in the cold and snowy  North East China. The best weasel hair is fine and glistening, smooth and elastic and suitable for both large and small brushes.

Weasel hair is not as quite stiff as rabbit hair but stiffer than wool and combination brushes, so it is preferred for detail work and regular script calligraphy (楷书 Kaishu). Weasel hair has lower absorption rate than wool and the hair is strong & flexible. Therefore, it performs very well on painting dry and ‘bone’ effects and for example for painting tree trunks with dry ink such as su ink.  Wolf brushes are easier to control than Wool brushes and so are also recommended for beginners.

Recommend to

Suitable for

or running script

Brush Hair Size

2.6 * 0.6 cm

Product Size

2.5 * 0.8 * 0.8 cm

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Handmade Xuan brush from traditional workshop in Anhui – see our Xuan brush article and our brush buyers guide.
Ideally use with Xuan Papers and Old Hu Kai Wen inksticks.

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