Inkston 0903Ws 花枝俏 “Flower Brush” Extra Fine Detail LangHao Wolf brush

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Shaft: bamboo
Hair: 100% weasel
Suitable for: Chinese Gongbihua Painting (to draw narrow lines), or very small calligraphy.
Recommend to: students, semi-professional, professional


It is handmade with pure weasel hair. The size is very suitable for drawing narrow lines, and Gong Bi paintings. It is made with a very expereinced brush workshop in China.







Light & fast growing Bamboo is used as a construction material, as food, to make paper, to make stems for brushes, and as a traditional subject for painting.

“Wolf” brushes use hair from the Chinese “Yellow mouse wolf” 黄鼠狼 – a type of weasel.  Premium Dong Lang Hao “Winter Wolf” brushes use the extra thick hairs produced in the winter in the cold and snowy  North East China. The best weasel hair is fine and glistening, smooth and elastic and suitable for both large and small brushes.

Weasel hair is not as quite stiff as rabbit hair but stiffer than wool and combination brushes, so it is preferred for detail work and regular script calligraphy (楷书 Kaishu). Weasel hair has lower absorption rate than wool and the hair is strong & flexible. Therefore, it performs very well on painting dry and ‘bone’ effects and for example for painting tree trunks with dry ink such as su ink.  Wolf brushes are easier to control than Wool brushes and so are also recommended for beginners.


Products packaged in silk sleeves

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see GongBi stories

Brush Hair Size

0.35 * 1.9 cm

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Product Size 24.5 × 0.7 × 0.7 cm
Product Weight 5.2
Shipping size 27.5 × 5 × 0.7 cm
Shipping weight 15.5 g
SKU ink-0903Ws-3741
asin B071KSQDM6
asinusa B071KSQDM6
UPC 601285836010

Handmade Xuan brush from traditional workshop in Anhui – see our Xuan brush article and our brush buyers guide.
Ideally use with Xuan Papers and Old Hu Kai Wen inksticks.
Brush rests sold separately – see art Accessories shop

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Recent discussions in: Inkston Brushes

  • Inkston 0601Ws 经典狼毫大 Large Classic Lang Hao Wolf Brush
    Très souple et fluide sur le papier. J attends de recevoir dans la même game le plus fin le 0603.

  • Inkston 0200WsWl 精品兼毫 Extra-large Fine Jian Hao Combination Brush
    Très bonne qualité mais trop gros et lourd pour mon usage

  • The Inkston 0602Ws 经典狼毫中 Medium Classic Lang Hao Wolf Brush, is a very good and versatile brush. I love using it to paint goldfish, and it should also work well for making bamboo leaves. The tip is thin enough to make details, but that does require practice, if you are new to painting it might be good to also get a smaller brush for the details, the Inkston 0903Ws 花枝俏 “Flower Brush” Extra Fine Detail LangHao Wolf brush is also perfect for this. And if you want to make even more details the Red Star 紫露 (红) Lux Zi Hao Rabbit Brush (Red) is also very good.

  • One of my favorite two brushes , it absorbs a lot of liquid and has a nice flow when painting. In combination with the redstar prunedot and the Inkston 0903Ws 花枝俏 “Flower Brush” Extra Fine Detail LangHao Wolf brush , you will have a good set of brushes to start off with! The size is also very versatile making it ideal for beginners.

  • I totally recommend this shop, great customer service, wonderful products, I bought many brushes and they are all great. But this one in particular was not exactly my favorite. I´m not an expert, but I find it too soft, as it is a combination brush I expected something different. After making preasure with the tip it doesn´t spring back and stays bended, not was i was looking for, but it can be useful for other things 🙂

  • Great brush, for painting or calligraphy, works very well.

  • I love you

  • Beautiful and sturdy brushes that were beautifully and carefully packed. Thank you!

  • Pinceau de belle qualité.

  • Belle qualité de pinceau. Bravo pour votre professionnalisme dans la communication et suivi de commandes.

  • Merci pour le sérieux des suivis de commande. J’ai reçu la mienne ce matin, je suis ravie de la qualité des pinceaux. Je passerai une nouvelle commande avec plaisir et recommande ce site.

  • Like the brush, thank you!

  • I’m new to Chinese brush painting, and this is a great set to start with. The brushes are well made, and continue to keep their points. My only recommendation to other new painters, is to also buy a purely goat hair brush- which is something I ended up ordering later.

  • Belli
    Ho intenzione di utilizzarli per l’arte giapponese (Suminagashi marbled paper)
    Le tradizioni sono importanti per non dimenticare da dove veniamo e dove stiamo andando.
    Grazie Inkston

  • Beautifully made and great quality, I bought my first Inkston brush months ago and I haven’t bought any brushes from anywhere else. Easily my favorite art supplies.

  • Great ink brush for the price

  • Soy principiante en la técnica oriental y este pincel me ha venido muy bien, me encanta porque absorbe justo la cantidad de agua que yo necesito para mis pinceladas. También me gusta que a pesar de que lo uso tanto no se deforma ni tira pelo. Alta calidad. Lo recomiendo.

  • Muy buen pincel. Alta calidad. Lo uso frecuentemente y no se deforma. lo recomiendo.

  • These brushes are the perfect fit to the brush hanger beautifully made and packaged worth the wail well pleased

  • Beautiful, high quality brush set – love it. Awesome customer service as well; very friendly and extremely quick in replying questions. I wouldn’t hesitate ordering at Inkston again!

  • Bonjour, j’aime bien ce pinceau pour la calligraphie japonaise.
    C’était mon premier achat chez Inkston et je trouve important de souligner le professionnalisme du personnel du service à la clientèle de Inkston à Shanghai. À la réception de ma commande, j’ai réalisé que le manche du pinceau était brisé. J’ai immédiatement envoyé un courriel, avec une photo, au service à la clientèle à Shanghai. Le lendemain matin, j’ai reçu un courriel m’offrant de remplacer le pinceau ou de me rembourser. J’ai demandé qu’on me renvoie un nouveau pinceau. J’ai donc reçu,12 jours après, un nouveau pinceau avec un cadeau pour le désagrément. Enfin, j’ai trouvé que les deux personnes du services à clientèle,que j’ai contacté, étaient très courtoises et qu’ il était très facile de trouver un arrangement.
    Bon matériel et service impeccable.

  • parfait! je l’utilise pour l’enluminure

  • Me gusta mucho este pincel de combinación de pelo de cabra e interior de comadreja. Retiene mucho agua y al mismo tiempo conserva afilada la punta sin deformarse. La utilizo para pintura en estilo Xieyi

  • I am really satisfied with this Inkston 0305WsWl 北海云雾 Beihai Yunwu “North lake mist” Extra-large 兼毫 Jian Hao Combination Brush. Mixed hair brushes are suitable for beginners or even well skiled calligraphers. Weasel hair hold brush pont straight and lyer of goat hair gives softnes to the brush. This brush is suitable for regular and cursive script. Also the handle of brush is made of hard wood, so brush has good weight and It’s perfect for holding during calligraphy or painting. My recommendation for this brush from Inkston.

  • Great quality and lovely communication

  • Un pincel muy versátil. Los he comprado para mis alumnos de arte oriental y los comentarios han sido muy buenos.

  • I ordered this one along with the medium and small version. It works as intended, the brushes hold their water and keep their tip with a spring. It is also flexible and distributes colors well.

  • This is the another brush (beside 0903Ws 花枝俏 “Flower Brush”) which I use everyday. A real good friend. I recommend it to everyone – and it’s a basic item, so you must have one

  • Lovely quality brush. Soft but springy and holds ink well. One of my favourite brushes which I use extensively for landscape painting.

  • Good for small calligraphy
    This classic calligraphy brush is useful when writing small characters.

  • Fine detail brush
    Inkston brushes are excellent quality. This one comes to a fine point and works well for fine detail.

  • Quality Inkston Brush
    This is a beautiful brush, excellent for standard and cursive style characters. The point is retained through movement so it’s easy to find the center. Holds a good amount of ink. Nicely constructed, very good price for this quality.

  • At it’s best, this brush is wonderful for very small cursive …
    I wanted to see how a brush of this size and unusual length would work with cursive calligraphy. At it’s best, this brush is wonderful for very small cursive characters. The stiffness works nicely and is responsive. It’s more of a challenge to get a much thicker line since using the brush up higher in the bristles tends to spread the thick hairs and lets in dry spaces. However, this is expected in a brush styled like this and can make for interesting variety in strokes. I am using this brush primarily for signatures on calligraphy work and for small character cursive. Excellent construction and quality.

  • Good flexible calligraphy brush
    This brush has great flexibility, especially for cursive writing. It dances!

  • Excellent value.
    This is a goat hair brush that has a wonderful spring to it. I bought it for cursive and it performs flawlessly. Excellent construction. I can move from very thin line to thicker smoothly.

  • Muy buena calidad
    Muy contento. Lo utilizo para acuarela. Llevo varios meses usándolo y funciona perfectamente.
    Muy recomendable por su punta, muy fina y al mismo tiempo puede funcionar como pincel plano.

  • Fabulous Brush
    I received my brush yesterday. I was very surprised at the wonderful quality of this brush. It is fabulous. I can’t wait to actually do a full painting with it. I tried it out and it dances on the paper! So excited. Inkston company also has my highest recommendation. They are a very classy company with top quality products. Every care is taken with your purchase. My brush came in a cloth holder and also had a sample of Xuan (rice) paper in a beautiful folded gold packet. Very special touch. This is a great brush!

  • I found the Small Crane Neck on Amazon USA and purchased it from them. The shipping was fast and free under Amazon Prime. This brush is of excellent quality: the tip point is clean and springy through varying pressures. Some wool brushes I have tried don’t seem to stay unified in quite this way and I am pleased with how this brush works cursive and semi-cursive. Holds a good amount of ink. I am very happy with the Inkston quality. Recommended.

  • I was happy to see that the GuFa Zhong Bai Yun combination brush was being sold through AmazonUSA. I’ve been looking for cursive and semi-cursive specific brushes. The construction of the brush head is excellent, the point stays sharp through varying pressures and the head holds a good amount of ink. The size is perfect for smaller characters. I am very pleased with the quality. Shipping was very fast as it came from Amazon warehouse. Highly recommend.

  • I just purchased this Diao Hao Marten brush through Amazon USA. I am thrilled with it. The long bristles have a lovely spring to them, the point is very well made and stays sharp. I also find that the width of the handle is just right for manipulating strokes. I bought this brush to use for cursive and semi-cursive and am very happy. Thanks Inkston!

  • Top Qualität Verified Purchase
    Pinselhaare bilden eine schöne Form wenn sie sich mit Tusche vollgesaugt haben (nimmt sehr viel Tinte auf). Bis jetzt kein Haarausfall. Hersteller legt auch immer wieder schöne Geschenke und Papierproben bei.

  • Super Qualität
    Der Pinsel an sich ist optisch schon sehr schön. Die Haarqualität ist wieder vorbildlich. Es fallen wenige Haare des Pinsels aus und er bildet zum malen eine schöne spitze Form wenn er nass ist. (lediglich beim vorbereiten des Pinsels hat er 2-3 Haare verloren)

  • Toller Pinsel, tolle Extras
    Pinsel war ohnehin super – wie gewohnt – und gab dazu noch schöne Extras wie Papier, Postkarten und eine hübsche Tasche für den Pinsel

  • Top Qualität
    Hatte zuerst Pinsel aus so einem billig Kalligraphie Set (auch von Amazon hier). Diese Pinsel sind um Welten besser und es macht richtig Spaß mit ihnen zu arbeiten. Habe mir auch gleich weitere Produkte von Inkston bestellt. Super Ware, Super Firma – weiter so.
    PS: Ich habe den Eindruck die Produkte sind nicht richtig in Amazon eingestellt (Preis pro Gramm???) und teilweise auch falsch benannt (ein Pinsel hieß irgendwas mit “Dienstag”), deswegen findet man die Produkte nicht ganz so einfach (Übersetzungsprobleme?). Lohnt sich aber aufjedenfall danach zu suchen!

  • Realmente tiene una muy buena pinta. De agradecer las muestras de diversos papeles Xuan con incrustaciones de flores y hojas. Alta gama. Deseando probarlo.

15 reviews for Inkston 0903Ws 花枝俏 “Flower Brush” Extra Fine Detail LangHao Wolf brush

  1. Excellent brush for Chinese brush painting
    I have been using this brush for several days. It holds a fine point when painting with ground Chinese ink. I am very pleased with the quality.

  2. Verified Purchase
    … both paper and brushes from Inkston and have been pleased each time

    I have ordered several items both paper and brushes from Inkston and have been pleased each time. The price, the quality, and the service have always been excellent. I have used the brush for fine and detailed work. I can think of no downside to the brush. It did come with a white silk sleeve that I would not recommend for brush storage but I may find some other use for it. This a fine brush.

  3. Très bon pinceau
    Je ne suis pas déçue de mon achat car il correspond à mes attentes concernant sa finesse
    J aime dessiner des fleurs avec. Très souple pour dessiner les pétales la réserve d eau est très bonne

  4. great brush for small detail, and good quality.

  5. I use this brush almost every day. It’s possible to create strokes thinner then a human hair. The brush-hair is firm enough to make confident strokes (I am not an advanced user) After three months of usage still no signs of wear and tear. It’s a valuable tool.

  6. This brush is a stiff type. It holds the point extremely well to create strong, sharp lines. For the gong bi style, this brush is good for long lines, leaf veins, flower branches, and so on. I enjoy using this for details and when I want to create lines with a “dry bone” effect. Think plum blossom branches (Google is your friend). It has been perfect for the above uses so far.

  7. The brushes were absolutely amazing. I was really impressed with the fine line brushes and the packaging for them with their own individual cases. The lines formed with those brushes are very nice and I’m excited to use them in my next piece!

  8. This brush is amazing! it keeps a constant sharp point which produces very fine and clean lines.

  9. Love this brush! does great with fine detail and keeps a nice point.

  10. Encantada con este pincel que te permite hacer lineas muy finas. No tira pelo. No se deforma la punta. He comprado varios productos de Inkston y me queda claro que es una empresa que ofrece productos de alta calidad. Los recomiendo.

  11. Encantada con este pincel que te permite hacer lineas muy finas. Es un pincel de alta calidad. He comprado varios productos de Inkston y me queda claro que es una empresa que ofrece productos muy buenos y a un precio razonable. Los recomiendo.

  12. Great seller. Careful packaging and fast delivery. Thanks so much.

  13. Very good and easy to handle brush. I use it for a lot of detail work such as eyes, stems of flowers, and insect painting. It also works well to paint small patches of fur.

  14. Une pointe très fine avec un ventre bien rebondi il stocke bcp d encre

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